HL Propan s.r.o. was founded in 1993 and is currently one of the largest companies in the field of alternative drive systems in the Czech Republic. It deals with the development, manufacture and selling of components for the conversion of vehicles to CNG and LPG, and provides comprehensive services in the field of drive vehicles to LPG. Also performs its own conversion to LPG, inspections, repairs, maintenance, spare parts sales, vehicle diagnostics, emissions testing, tire service activity. These services are provided to customers through their own centers or networks of contractors throughout the country.

The company is a manufacturer of branded product lines and business name LOVTEC, DYNAGAS and MAGIC, which are approved in accordance with European regulations (ECE) and approved by the Ministry of Transport for use in vehicles in the country. The company sells its products and installs not only at home, but mostly exported to many countries and outside Europe.

The association is divided into several areas:

  • Production - development, manufacture and assembly of components, LPG ​​and CNG, sufficient capacity also allows external custom-made on modern CNC machines;
  • LPG - Services - conversion of vehicles to LPG, inspections, repairs and maintenance and technical consulting services;
  • LPG - business activities - wholesale and retailing material for the rebuilding of vehicles, spare parts supply;
  • STATION OF EMISSION - emission measurements, diagnostics including adjustment of vehicles.
  • Tyre service - providing comprehensive tire service (repair tires, wheel balancing, changing of, storage).
  • Vehicle performance testing - vehicles performance measurement using new and modern MAHA LPS 3000 equipment.

Since the year 2004 is HL propan s.r.o. company ISO 9001 certfied.

Dear customers, business partners, we would like to introduce you to the official video of our company. Here you can see how our production of very popular reducers and other components takes place, including the operation of the entire company. We hope you enjoy the video.


New product

Dear customers
Let us introduce the newest generation of the popular MAGIC 3 reducer. This version comes with an integrated gas phase filter that serves to filter impurities in the pressure regulator, thus dramatically increasing the service life of the product.
More information Yoy can find in Product catalogue -> reducers.
With regards HL propan.


New - extending services to motorists

We provide to all motorists possibility of measuring the performance of vehicles
at the new modern cylindrical testing laboratory MAHA LPS 3000. More information here.
At the same time we offer measurement of differential power of gasoline and LPG after assembly for a special price 2 measurements) 1200 CZK including VAT.